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      What should we do if the supporting wheel is under &quot;pressure&quot;? ---Guangdong four wheels and one supporting wheel

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      What should we do if the supporting wheel is under "pressure"? ---Guangdong four wheels and one supporting wheel

      The supporting wheels, guide wheels, traveling gears, tugs and crawlers together form the four wheels of the Huiyuda mechanical walking system. The supporting wheels play a role in bearing the weight of the entire Huiyuda machinery, which can be described as "pressure". Mountain University". If this pressure is not relieved in time and the support wheels of Huiyuda machinery are lubricated and maintained, it will fail early. ---Guangdong four wheels and one supporting wheel

      The lubrication of the Huiyuda mechanical walking system is very important. Many roller bearings have problems and the parts fail because they have not been lubricated and maintained and the oil leakage has not been found in time. While doing a good job of lubrication, we must pay attention to whether there is oil leakage in Huiyuda machinery's support wheels. Of course everything must be appropriate, and the lubrication of Huiyuda mechanical support wheels must also not be excessive.

      Because Huiyuda machinery's support wheel shaft is constantly rotating through the sleeve, in order to prevent wear caused by such contact, the wheel body must be lubricated with oil. However, if the sealing ring is not tightly sealed, it is easy to cause oil leakage from Huiyuda mechanical rollers. After the oil leaks, the shaft and sleeve will be in the condition of no lubrication and will be easily worn out, causing the failure of the Huiyuda mechanical support wheel and unable to continue to use it. Unqualified floating oil seal; insufficient roundness of the product bushing; insufficient luster of the support shaft; substandard gear oil; machining dimensional tolerances, these reasons may also cause oil leakage in Huiyuda machinery's rollers. ---Guangdong four wheels and one supporting wheel

      In addition to the lack of lubrication and constant oil leakage, the unqualified steel used in the Huiyuda machinery's roller or the low hardness of the material during heat treatment will also cause the wear of the roller body. The paver roller has insufficient wear resistance, no matter how good lubrication is done, no matter how careful it is, it will not help. The quality of Huiyuda machinery's support wheels is very important, and the precision forging process is definitely better than the ordinary forging process.

      Huiyuda machinery support rollers are an important part of the walking system of the paver, which is directly related to the walking performance and working performance of the Huiyuda machinery. Failure will inevitably lead to the failure of the Huiyuda machinery to walk, and there is no way to continue paving the road. The construction will delay the project, so you must pay more attention to it, and you must not take it lightly and ignore the oil leakage of the Huiyuda machinery support wheel. ---Guangdong four wheels and one supporting wheel