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      Operators pay attention, remember these things can do a good job in the safe transfer of crawler cranes ---Quanzhou crawler crane drive wheels

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      Operators pay attention, remember these things can do a good job in the safe transfer of crawler cranes ---Quanzhou crawler crane drive wheels

      Crawler crane is the abbreviation of crawler crane. It is a kind of crane that has crawler walking mechanism on the off-carriage site and walks on the crawler. The lifting capacity is large, and it can be lifted and walked. Due to the damage caused by the crawler to the road surface, it is strictly forbidden to drive on the highway. Therefore, the crawler crane must be disassembled and transported during the transition. The resource sharing network in the crawler has brought everyone, how to do a safe transition of the crawler crane. ---Quanzhou crawler crane drive wheel

      1. If the lifting equipment leasing company is unable to use its own strength to complete the long-distance transportation work, it should pass the public bidding method to hand over the entire transportation work to a capable transportation company.

      2. The roads between the various construction sites are usually far away and the road conditions along the way are complicated, especially the sections with limited height, width, weight, and speed. It is necessary to make a route design in advance and complete various traffic clearance procedures. ---Quanzhou crawler crane drive wheel

      3. Before transportation, the car must be sealed, and pay attention to:

      (1) The rope used to seal the car must be strong enough.

      (2) It is better to add some thin wood boards between the trailer flatbed and the host to increase the friction and prevent the host from sliding.

      (3) When poles and counterweights are mixed, wood must be laid to prevent collisions. Steel wire ropes are not allowed for the ropes used to fix the boom, and the contact part between the rod and the bottom of the carriage shall be padded with a tire shell. ---Quanzhou crawler crane drive wheel

      4. Each vehicle must be registered to fill in the list of goods, and do a good job in physical handover and road escort work.

      5. Purchase transportation insurance according to the value of the entire vehicle.

      6. Do a good job of emergency plan, reasonably estimate the journey time and various problems that may be encountered, such as changes in weather and road conditions.

      The safe transfer of crawler cranes is one of the key points in the safety management of hoisting machinery, and the safe transfer of crawler cranes must be done well. Crawler Crane Resource Sharing Network wishes all colleagues in the hoisting and crane industry a happy life and a smooth work! ---Quanzhou crawler crane drive wheel